a great natural remedy

a great natural remedy and has a strong effect for skin care

about peppermint oil

The health benefits of peppermint oil includes its ability to treat spasms caused by indigestion, respiratory problems, headaches, stomach and bowel discomfort,  nausea, pain, fever.
As a result of present menthol, esters of methyl - peppermint oil and mint is used to manufacture shampoo, cigarette, soap, toothpaste, chewing gum, tea and ice cream. There are several species of mint from which can be obtained peppermint oil.
From historical point of view, the plant has been appreciated for its medicinal uses being a natural medicine used since ancient times. Unlike many other herbs and essential oils, the benefits of peppermint oil and of mint have been studied and confirmed by the scientific community. Consequently, mint is commercialized in various forms starting from capsules and tablets, to oils and tinctures.
Peppermint oil contains numerous minerals and nutritious substances including iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium, folic acid, potassium and copper. It contains also omega-3 fatty acids,  A and C vitamin.
At what help us peppermint oil:
- Indigestion – the oil of peppermint favors  the process of digestion. Often people add a few drop of peppermint oil in a glass of water that you drink after a meal for its digestive properties and carminative (helps to eliminate of gas).
Peppermint oil is a tonic suited to those who have a decreased appetite. This is useful for people who suffer of diarrhea. Peppermint oil combined with caraway can be used for treating heartburn or heartburn.
- Dental Care - thanks to its antiseptic properties, peppermint oil is useful for oral cavity care. This fight you bad breath and removes germs from the gums and teeth.
It has a role expectorant and relieves instantly (but temporary) symptoms of some respiratory affections including: sinusitis, bronchitis, nasal congestion, asthma, cold and cough. Therefore is used including in composition of the various gels for massage in case of colds, to eliminate nasal congestion and cleans respiratory tract.
- Nausea and headaches - This oil is ideal for removal of nausea and headaches. Application of peppermint oil in diluted form on the forehead have the role to eliminate headaches.
- Stress - that most essential oils, mint has the property to ameliorate stress, depression and mental exhaustion, but it is quite efficient in case of agitation and anxiety.
- Irritable Bowel Syndrome – this oil helps ameliorates symptoms of irritable bowel, to relax muscles.
- Antispasmodic effect - Peppermint oil is very efficient used during gastroscopy, colonoscopy and barium enema.
- Urinary tract infections - Peppermint oil can be used to treat urinary tract infections. However, it is currently conducting thorough research to confirm this aspect
- Relief of pain - Peppermint oil can be used externally to calm of pain. Is considered that the presence of calcium in peppermint oil participate to the removal of discomfort caused by pain. Also, peppermint oil helps to reduce fever.
- Immune System - peppermint oil  increase immunity against diseases, prevent the occurrence of various affections.
- Stimulation blood circulation
- Hair Care - This oil is necessary for hair care because triggers a chilling effect to the head and lice and removes dandruff.
- Skin Care - Peppermint oil contains menthol which has a very good effect on the skin, nourishes dull skin and diminishes the effects of oily skin.

peppermint oil - the best natural remedy

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is a great natural remedy for improving digestion, calms headaches.
Flavor and medicinal qualities have been appreciated for centuries. Apparently it was very popular among the Romans and Greeks.
Peppermint oil contains a high level of active menthol essential oil . In many countries mint tea is drinking after meals for improved digestion. The plant has the power to reduce the muscle contractions which cause gas, bloating and abdominal swelling.
Peppermint can be used with successful in gastrointestinal disturbances, maintaining and liver health and does wonders in case indigestion and vomiting.
Is recommended and in the respiratory problems, colds, in this case of therapies recommending inhalations. And in cases of asthma and bronchitis it is use, relaxes breath.
Peppermint oil relieves headaches and migraines when applied on the temples and behind your head.
Peppermint has antibacterial effect. Can prevent and heal spots, blackheads and acne when applied on the skin in a diluted form to avoid irritations. Avoid entering oil in the eye.
Daily dose for the mint is 15 g dried herb per day, which mean the equivalent of three cups of mint tea. Practice has shown  though that overcoming this quantity does not cause adverse effects.
For the peppermint oil is imposed a few precautions:
-peppermint-oil capsules are contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation;
-for external use, the peppermint oil should be diluted,  are used up to 30 drops in a cream of body care;
-this oil is not used on the skin of a child or baby;
-tested on a small surface of skin to see if side effects occur.

Some modes for enjoy of mint:
-add mint leaves in salads, desserts and fruit juices in order to give them a delicious taste, a tomato juice in which have inserted a few leave of mint  gains a special taste;
-add a few drop of peppermint oil in a dish of boiling water to freshen the air;
-drink a cup of  tea after meals in order to have a pleasant breath and reduce the symptoms of bloating and indigestion ;
-use the infusion of mint like as a toner lotion for the tired skin.
Almost just as good is the rosehip oil

peppermint oil

Overview: Mint like other plants, was known ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. It was said that Pluto was the god of darkness blindly love of a nymph Mentha very beautiful. Jealous wife Persephone goddess of watching the unfortunate girl and buried her in the ground. Pluto moved by the suffering nymph then turned it fragrant plant that bears his name. Use for body and soul refreshing Peppermint has the action, while refrisantă and heating and stimulation. Explanation of this paradox is that their body heat increases blood flow and response to skin cooling effect of mint. After a long day and tiring, Peppermint oil bath will does wonders.
Therapeutic properties:
- Is an antioxidant, immune stimulant;
- Has a beneficial action on the respiratory system - bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis, asthma, pneumonia, acute and chronic prophylaxis of influenza, acute respiratory diseases, colds (as inhalations, compresses, massage on the chest);
- Fluidifica mucus, facilitates expectoration and relieves bronchial spasm;
- Has antiseptic and antispasmodic, relieves rheumatic muscle pain, neuralgia (used as inhalations, baths, massage, candle);
- Oil is a calming, analgesic, sedative, relaxing nervous system tonic;
- Is beneficial to the digestive system: burning in the abdomen, helps slow digestion, colic, indigestion and flatulence (as massaging the abdomen);
- The gastric antiseptic can be used in diarrhea, fever or food poisoning gastric origin;
- Antidepressant - is useful for insomnia, depression, stress, and headaches and migraines;
- Can be used in cystitis, leucorrhoea and other genital infections (bathrooms are local);
- Reduce menstrual pain and bleeding;
- Has pronounced antibacterial action (bugs, viruses, fungi, mycoplasma);
- The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and is useful in treating acne, burns, dermatitis, eczema, cuts (apply compresses or steam baths for the face);
- Due to the balanced and deeply soothing, it is sensitive individuals, depressed, stressed and those who pass easily from one extreme to another state of mind;
- When you are in front of a major change in life that makes you feel insecure or fearful, mint will help to break with the past and look forward with courage and optimism;
Contraindications:  pregnancy, epilepsy, hypertension.
General ways:  inhalation, massage, bath, shower, aromatic compresses, aromatherapy aromalampa Effects (suitable for external use).